My Mission Is Your Success!

It’s that simple.  I am committed to providing professional, timely, and unbiased advice.  Through professional, Fee-Only planning, I seek to empower my clients to make the best financial decisions possible. 

Why Fee-Only?
The beauty of Fee-Only services is that you pay for just the time I work with you and for you. Just like the services provided by your doctor, dentist, attorney, or CPA, you pay for just the amount of time you use - - when you use it. 

This type of financial planning and advice is a good fit for intelligent, competent, self-directed people who periodically need professional guidance. They might prefer to manage some or all of the implementation on their own. Or they may prefer to “hand over” the ongoing management of their financial affairs to an advisor. These people can often be “just starting out” - or they can be quite wealthy. Regardless, Elliott Financial works with them in the manner that suits them best.

Think about it! Why should some people pay for more help and advice than they need, just because they make more money or have a greater amount of assets? Why should people just beginning to build for the future be turned away from planners just because they lack high incomes and large asset bases? This never made sense to me. So, I offer quality financial planning services and advice to anyone seeking professional assistance.  Clients can choose hourly rates, retainer-based services, or full investment advisory services. And clients are free to change service types as their needs change.

Why I sell no products
Financial planners should act as money consultants.  My job is to look out for you and your money’s best interests - - not to sell you stuff.  And, as a Fee-Only planner, there are no third-party relationships to color my financial recommendations. My clients know I work solely for them. 

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